Be well, with Biroix

Be well, with Biroix

Entitled, “Colour me happy” (we approve), NZ Herald has given Biroix the spotlight under their ‘Be Well’ pages. Giving readers advice on how to stay cheery this winter, Biroix is featured with one of our favourite shots of the yellow Dutch Oven filled with lemons – very appropriate for winter, all that good Vitamin C to keep the lurgies away.

“Designed in Arrowtown… in three very cheering shades of citrus… Even on the days when you’re not cooking, these pots look gorgeous on the hob”

Yes, yes and yes. All very true points made here. A Dutch Oven is a great tool for keeping the kitchen warm and your bellies full this winter – all while looking fabulous! It’s the perfect winter remedy. Great to see the NZ Herald heralding small Kiwi businesses, using their powers for the benefit of the little guys. It’s a big deal for us, as the NZ Herald is one of New Zealand’s most popular rags, and their readership continues to climb, according to this recent article.

We’re loving all this press (and we’re loving these cold winter nights, great for slow cooking in your Dutch Oven), so stay tuned for the next lot of ink, and be well, with Biroix.