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No, we are a purely online company. But you can send us an email if you’re having trouble with ordering.

No, we are a purely online company.

If you have already paid for your order we can’t cancel or change it. Please email us. For full T&C’s click here.

Product Questions

For all information on how to take care of Biroix Living Cookware see our Care and Use guide

While we recommend hand washing your Dutch Oven or Skillet Pan, you can use it in a dishwasher. However, over time the enamel will dull. This will not affect the function of the cookware.

We don’t recommend storing food in your Dutch Oven or Skillet Pan for long periods of time but yes, you can place an already cool Dutch Oven or Skillet Pan in the freezer.

Our Dutch Ovens and Skillet Pans can be used with electric/solid, gas, ceramic, halogen and induction. DO NOT put your Biroix cookware in a microwave oven.

If cared for properly your Dutch Oven and Skillet Pan can last a lifetime. We have a 5 year warranty for our products. For full details click here.

Our Dutch Ovens and Skillet Pans are
designed in New Zealand and manufactured in China.

No. The Skillet Pan has an enamel coating (including the rougher, black inside) so you can use it immediately (after washing first).

The only area of your Dutch Oven or Skillet Pan that has potential to rust is the lip around the top, and the lip on the underside of the lid. These areas are pure cast iron (no enamel). But if you wash your Biroix after every use, dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry area then rust should not be a problem.

Shipping and Returns

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