How to best care for enameled cast iron cookware

How to best care for enameled cast iron cookware

Enameled cast iron cookware is a popular choice for many home cooks because it is durable, versatile, and easy to clean. However, to ensure that your enameled cast iron lasts for many years, it's important to properly care for it.

Gentle heating: Enameled cast iron is sensitive to extreme temperature changes, so it's important to heat it gradually. Always place the cookware on a burner that is the same size or slightly smaller than the bottom of the pan. Avoid using high heat, as this can cause the enamel to crack or chip.

Careful cleaning: To clean your enameled cast iron, use warm water and a soft sponge or brush. Avoid using abrasive scouring pads or steel wool, as these can scratch the enamel. If food is stuck to the surface, soak the cookware in warm water for a few minutes before cleaning.

Avoid acidic ingredients: Enameled cast iron is not resistant to acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, or tomatoes. These ingredients can react with the iron and cause discoloration, so it's best to avoid using them in your enameled cast iron cookware.

Storage : store them in a dry place, to prevent rusting and maintain the seasoning.

By following these care tips, your enameled cast iron cookware will last for many years and provide you with delicious meals.