Making ourselves at home in Home Magazine

Making ourselves at home in Home Magazine

With a readership of 49,000 and a reputation for the best and latest in home design, being featured in Home Magazine was a pretty special moment for us. Taking up a full page in their Design segment, Biroix got to show off our Dutch Ovens, our colour-loving brand and our founder Rachel’s point of view:

- “Cookware – and the kitchen in general – has largely become defined by neutral
palettes. I wanted to introduce the ability for people to bring bright colour and
energy into the kitchen with cast-iron cookware that harks back to the distinctive
colours and longevity of the cooking utensils of the 19060s and ‘70s.”

The piece is entitled, Culinary Colour, and talks about the adversity small businesses have faced over the last few years in a world overrun by Covid. Having opened shop at the beginning of the pandemic, we have faced more than our share of challenges, but seeing the fruits of that labour coming through in write-ups like this makes it worth the effort.

- “a bright, bold and unashamedly fun cookware range”

We’re loving bringing colour to your home, and very happy that we are also bringing our bright colours to Home Magazine.