Stuff Business interview with Biroix’s founder, Rachel.

Stuff Business interview with Biroix’s founder, Rachel.

What I’ve learned: Dream big, but plan small

New Zealand’s largest news site, Stuff connects with 3.2 million Kiwis every month. That’s a lot of eyeballs scrolling through an interview with our founder, Rachel, on the learnings and challenges of starting a business!

“I’ve always been a fan of the Dutch Oven, and as a mum I know first-hand how
invaluable it is for hands-free cooking.”

A 6-question interview, Stuff reporter Daniel Smith covered everything from where the idea for cast iron Dutch Ovens came from, to what advice does Rachel have for other budding entrepreneurs. This article is a candid look inside the first couple of years at Biroix. Every startup has its challenges – no one makes a million dollars out the gate – but every company’s journey is unique.

“Starting a new business can be a lonely space, so it’s critical to have a solid team
and maintain a community around you of supportive friends and family.”

But for every daunting and often expensive lesson, there is another, more rewarding moment – holding the first Dutch Oven in your hands, making your first sale, getting a positive review – all these little successes add up and continue to bolster Rachel and her team to continue on.

“The best feeling is when customers leave positive reviews, it makes me confident
that we are on the right track to creating the brand we want Biroix to be.”

It should be mentioned that it takes a lot for Rachel to feel defeated. This is the woman who started a company during a global pandemic, with 3 kids under 5, a puppy in tow, and in the middle of moving to a new house. Not easily flustered, Rachel’s cool and calm demeaner has served her well through these challenging years. That, and the support of a country who love to shop local.

“When I started Biroix I had not grasped just how supportive New Zealanders are and how we go out of our way to buy local and support local, it is amazing.”

Yes, it’s all thanks to the people of Aotearoa. What a wonderful bunch you all are. We feel your support and we thank you for it.

So check out the full interview on Stuff, and feel proud that you’re helping support New Zealand women in business.