You are too kind!

You are too kind!

“The chef or gourmand in your life will love you forever with these treats.”

 Viva magazine is not wrong about that.

“Omg I love it!”

“You shouldn’t have!”

“This is too much!”

“I’ve always wanted one of these!”

“Now I feel bad about the gift I got you!”

“I can’t wait to use it!”

 On and on it will go. And won’t you feel that big swell in your chest, that incredible feeling one only gets when giving. Biroix is the kind of gift that gives the giver and the receiver that big, lovely, squishy feeling.

 Check out our cast iron Dutch Ovens and cast iron Skillet Pans, in 4 gorgeous colours, designed right here in New Zealand, and made to last a lifetime. You’re welcome.


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