Cast Iron Skillet Pan In Green
Cast Iron Skillet Pan In Green
Cast Iron Skillet Pan In Green
Cast Iron Skillet Pan In Green

Cast Iron Skillet Pan In Green

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Green Dreaming

You might simmer on low, but the shimmer is high with this green Cast Iron Skillet Pan! Well... it’s a lovely bright green, but there are no actual sparkles in the enamel. Sad face.


  • Two handles. This pan has both an arm handle and a wide handle so you can carry it more securely and pour more steadily. 
  • Wide handle design. This pan has a generous handle width to accommodate bulky oven gloves.
  • Two pouring lips. For a clean pour with no dripping down the sides. Allows you to pour out of the side you’re more comfortable with - looking at you our left-handed friends! 
  • Easy clean. Enamel coats the entire pan which takes the grunt work out of cleaning.
  • Heat retention. Cast Iron holds and distributes heat evenly for better cooking. It also keeps your dish warmer for longer.
  • Slow and steady. You will achieve great results with a low to medium heat.
  • Cook your way. Gas hob, electric hob, oven, induction, ceramic or under the grill – our Cast Iron Pan works with them all.
  • Fits the Biroix Dutch Oven lid. Bonus feature. If you have a Biroix Dutch Oven, you will be able to use the lid on this pan. It fits perfectly. Great for keeping moisture in your dishes.

5 year warranty. Will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Materials: Cast Iron with enamel finish
Capacity: 2L
Dimensions: 476mm long x 275mm wide x 60mm deep
Weight: 2.5Kgs